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Have you ever wanted to explore ancient ruins in search of magical artifacts? Get into a rooftop chase with a famous assassin? Cleanse a cursed tomb from a terrible evil? Cross swords with a pirate captain? Get in an arm wrestling match with a stone giant? Convince a tyrannical king to spare your friend's life?  Or battle a gargantuan red dragon to claim its treasure horde?
Those are just some examples of what characters in the game Dungeons & Dragons can do.

Maybe you've played D&D since you were a kid. Maybe you have a friend who plays. Maybe the first time you heard of it was when you binge-watched Stranger Things.
No matter your experience level, Epic Escapades can help you delve into the wonderful adventure that is the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.

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An ongoing story involving the same characters. This is the most common way D&D is played.

An adventure that only lasts one session. A perfect way to try out the game without a long term commitment.

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Parties & Team Building

Dungeons & Dragons is a great activity for parties and team building. Check out the One Shots for possible adventures.



Whether you are new to Dungeons and Dragons or a seasoned veteran, once you go on an Epic Escapade, every other adventure seems less epic. Rachel is a unique and gifted DM: She blends her creative storytelling expertise with cool innovative technology, all while being patient and welcoming with the players. She also has pre-generated character sheets and rules that are simple and easy to read, which help make the whole process not stressful. The whole experience is loads of fun, and I highly recommend Epic Escapades!

Zach M.

This was a new experience for us and we thoroughly enjoyed playing with Rachel and some of our friends. Having never played D&D or fantasy games before, we were a bit trepidatious going in. Rachel did a great job explaining the basics of the game and her set up of the characters and story was amazing. Several times during our campaign, I was surprised to find that the puzzles, character backgrounds, and storyline were all original creations of our host. The creative energy and meticulous planning put into the game reminded me of a Tolkien-esque process that produced this mysterious and fantastic adventure game. We would recommend this game and are looking forward to playing again.

Cory & Amanda S.

I was a newcomer to D&D. I always heard about it but had no idea how to play it. But Rachel was gracious enough to let me join one of her ongoing D&D games and walked me through everything I needed to know. She then helped me flesh out my character. The way she narrates the game makes me feel like I'm really there. I'm lucky that my first experience of D&D was with her at the helm.

Eithar Y.

My husband and I had an awesome time playing with our friends. Rachel did a great job explaining everything to us, and made it really engaging! Choosing our characters was really cool and playing the roles was super interesting! We had tons of fun working on the puzzles and learning the game while we played.

I know a little bit about D&D and my husband has played some video games with similar game play, but neither of us have played before. After learning the game from Rachel, we really enjoyed it. Rachel did a great job getting into all the characters and made roleplaying really fun!

We would totally play again and suggest it as a great friends or couples night activity!

Mary-Kathryn & Sam G.

Ever wanted to play D&D but no one wants to put the work into being the dungeon master? Well here is your solution. Rachel is well prepared, gets into the roleplay, and has a knack for teaching the game! Highly recommend for a fun way to sit back and enjoy the adventure!

Michael C.

Rachel hosts our D&D escapades and is incredible as our dungeon master. She takes on the persona of the NPCs extremely well and she applies incredible detail to every adventure we embark upon. Not to mention she has all kinds of figures that she has hand painted to use as enemies and other figures within the D&D world. I HIGHLY recommend her services for anything remotely similar to a D&D experience. Her services are BAR NONE. You won't regret using Epic Escapades if you so desire.

Ben T.

Rachel is a creative genius! Her ability to draw you in to each of the characters really makes way for an out-of-this-world experience. This girl's got some serious talent.

The best part? All YOU have to do is show up, ready to take on an *epic* adventure.

My friend group and I are already counting down the days until our next gathering! Epic Escapades for the win!

Emily C.

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