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Here is a list of articles I have written for Tribality. 

Tribality is a multiple author blog and two-time ENnie nominated website. We write a lot about tabletop RPG games from the Game Master perspective with homebrew creations, exciting news, upcoming events, crowdfunding projects and our campaign adventures.


Even if you have a lot of experience playing tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs) like Dungeons & Dragons, stepping behind the screen can be a whole new world.

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Five Commonly Confused Rules In D&D 5e

D&D has a lot of rules. In this article, I discuss the top five rules that I struggled with as a new DM and that have consistently confused players at my table.

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A continued discussion on the rules of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition.


The more I dug into the lesser known or often misinterpreted rules of Dungeons & Dragons, the more material I found to discuss. This is the final article in this 3-part series.


One of the most iconic things about Dungeons & Dragons is the monsters. And DMs are always looking for more options.

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The game starts off great. But then…something changes. The game stalls. People get up from the table or check their phones. You notice a glazed look in even your most dedicated player. What happened?

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Five Magic Items to Inspire Player Creativity

Magic items are a huge part of any Dungeons & Dragons game. Players love getting them. DMs love giving them. Items don't have to be legendary to create an exciting experience.


In tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons, players create their own characters and Dungeon Masters create dozens of NPCs to populate the world. How can you create an authentic character that you feel comfortable roleplaying?

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As any experienced DM will tell you…the CR is merely one factor out of many. It is very possible for a battle that should have been a challenge to end up a push over, while a supposedly “medium” encounter turns into a bloodbath.
Here are five creatures with a CR of less than 1 that punch above their challenge rating.

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