Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play during quarantine?

For the safety of myself and my players, Epic Escapades is currently not providing any in person games.
However, it is still possible to play online! Contact me for more details.

Why should I play Dungeons & Dragons?

Short answer: Because it's fun!

Long answer: Unlike most forms of current entertainment, Dungeons & Dragons isn't passive. You don't consume it; you live it. There really isn't anything else like it.

Do you remember those childhood days of playing make believe? Do you ever imagine what it would be like to be the characters you love in books and movies? That knight in shining armor, that action hero, that princess in disguise, that 'chosen one', that street smart ruffian? With D&D you can take on those roles. You can Be the Hero.    

Dungeons & Dragons is also a fantastic way to connect with people. It has been shown that roleplaying is a great tool in helping people overcome social anxieties.

Use Epic Escapades as the excuse you need to regularly see your friends or to meet new ones.  

What is a Dungeon Master?

The Dungeon Master, or Game Master as it is called in other Tabletop Roleplaying Game systems, is the person who guides the story for the players. They describe what the characters are experiencing, roleplay the NPCs (non-player characters), and are the final authority on with the rules of the game.

Can I play even if I don't know anything about Dungeons & Dragons?

Absolutely! One of the primary goals of Epic Escapades is to spread the love of D&D to new players.

If you are unsure if D&D is right for you, then I recommend trying a One Shot first.

Players who participate in a One Shot will be given simplified character sheets and the DM will take the time to explain how to play before the game begins.

However, that's not to say you can't just jump into a Campaign. The DM will work closely with each player to help them create their characters and explain the rules.

What games do you offer?

Check out: Campaigns and One Shots.

On those pages, you'll find the descriptions for all the games

How do I join a game?

Once you find a game that sounds fun to you, click on Book Your Adventure. You'll see a list of all the games and what times they are available. Click the "Begin Your Adventure" button on the one you want, and it will guide you through the rest of the process.

The time slots listed are all placeholders. Please contact me to coordinate a time that works best for your group.

What should I do if there isn't a time available that works for me?

Contact Us! There may be a way to work you into the schedule.

How many players are there in a game? Can you run games for more or less people?

Campaign games require a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 6 players.

One Shot games require a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 6 players.

If you are interested in hiring Epic Escapades for a session involving more or less than the required number of players, please Contact Us. I would love to discuss how best to serve your needs.

Are minors allowed to play?

Under certain circumstances.

Dungeons & Dragons can be a wonderful activity for parents to share with their kids, a positive diversion for young people that isn't in front of a screen, and a fun, unique idea for a birthday party event.

Players must be at least 12 years old. For ages 12-15yrs, a parent or legal guardian must be present during every session. However, that may be evaluated on an individual basis.

Players 16yrs and older can attend sessions by themselves as long as certain conditions are met. For One Shots, the parent/legal guardian must speak directly to the DM before the game session and sign a consent form. This can be done electronically.

For Campaigns, a parent/legal guardian must attend the Session 0 and physically sign a consent form.

In groups that consist entirely of minors, such as a birthday party, only one parent/legal guardian is required to be physically present. However, all must sign the consent form.

In groups with mixed ages, the presence of a minor must be approved by the rest of the players.

Minors are subject to all the same policies as adult players. See the Social Contract page for more information.

How do you handle "problem players"?

Every player with Epic Escapades must agree to the Social Contract. Players that fail to do so will be banned from Epic Escapade games without refund.

I've played all the One Shots you offer, but want to play again. What should I do?

You are always welcome to play a One Shot again. Although the overarching story is the same, playing a different character or with a different group can lead to a very different experience.

You could wait until a new One Shot is added to Epic Escapades repertoire. 

Or maybe you are ready to play in a Campaign! Campaigns can meet weekly, twice a month, or once a month. And if once a month is still too frequent, please Contact Us. You can be put on a waiting list for a group that wants to meet less often.

Do you take suggestions for adventure ideas?

If you have an idea for a type of scenario, a favorite monster to fight, or a specific campaign adventure, let me know.

I am interested in hiring you for a party or team building event. How do I do that?

Great! The One Shot adventures are perfect for parties or team building events. 

Choose the session you want and an available date on the One Shot page, and book it for the number of players you expect to have. Then, before you check out, add the "Host a Session" to your cart. Finally, just add a note on the check out form that this session is for a party/team building event.

And, of course, you can always Contact Us to express your interest and any specific needs.  

Have a question that wasn't answered her? Contact us.