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One Shots

An adventure that only lasts one session. A great way to try out the game without a long term commitment.

Whether you are just curious about the game, are looking for a unique way to spend time with friends or family, or want to foster a close knit group among team members, a One Shot adventure is the perfect choice.

Each One Shot adventure uses pre-generated characters. Some One Shots allow you to choose between any of the 12 core classes, while others have a smaller selection based on the adventure's story.

A One Shot requires at least 4 players. If you don't have a large enough group, you can get on a waiting list. Contact Us​ for more details.

Scroll down for descriptions of the One Shots that Epic Escapades currently offers.


Host a Game

Hosts receive a discount! 
Contact DM Rachel to receive the coupon code.

If a game meets at your house, you will receive a $5 discount on EVERY session.

Requirements for hosting:
1. A table large enough for the 43" TV used for battlemaps.
2. Live within Murfreesboro, TN or within 20 mins of Murfreesboro.
3. Minimal allergy triggers (pet dander, cigarette smoke, ect).
4. Availability to allow the DM to arrive early and stay late for set up/break down.

If more than one person volunteers to host for a group, the decision will be decided based on space adequacy. If both spaces are equally appropriate, then the DM will discuss a plan with interested parties. This could mean settling on a host or agreeing to swap between hosts. If it is agree to swap between hosts, all hosts will receive a discount based on the number of sessions they host ($5 per hosted session).


The Booyahg Boss

Everyone in Shallowbrook Village knows to avoid the area of Dyrram Woods where the Ka’akur goblin tribe resides. Except for the occasional raid to steal food or trinkets, the goblins keep to themselves. So no one is prepared when the goblins attack in full force. Setting loose their vicious pet wolves and swarms of rats, the goblins rampage through the village, killing, smashing, burning, and stealing. Their newfound boldness seems to be due to a goblin who can use magic. That same goblin is conspicuously wearing the hat always worn by the village’s strongest wizard.

Brave members of the village’s militia must band together to deal with this threat before the goblins destroy everything they care about.

Players choose a pre-made character from any of the 12 core classes.

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Cursed Tomb of Bajutet

The once vast empire of Markaz has been lost to the ages and buried beneath the desert sand. Rumors exist of an ancient, cursed tomb that guards fantastic wealth and two powerful artifacts. No one knew its location. Until now.

Arizima Hallas discovered a magic amulet that revealed its location. She gathered together a group of friends and adventurers to help her delve into the tomb. However, they’re not the only ones interested in the treasure and the curse upon the tomb may be more dangerous than anyone anticipated.

Scroll down for the list of character options.

knot of isis thumbnail_edited.jpg
knot of isis thumbnail_edited.jpg

Players choose from six different character options:

  1. Arizima (“Z”) Hallas: an intelligent, human wizard who dreams of studying magic at the Erudite Assembly and has always been fascinated with Markazian history. She knows that if she can go to the tomb and bring back an artifact for the Assembly, they will finally take her seriously. 

  2. Linos Hallas: a charismatic, human bard who cares deeply for his sister, Z. When Z told him about the tomb, it sounded like a grand adventure, worthy of a few new songs. The fact that his sister will be able to say ‘I-told-you-so’ to the Assembly is a satisfying bonus.

  3. Errich Nimblefingers: an adept, halfling rogue adventurer who specializes in disarming traps. He loves the challenge and thrill of adventuring. When his good friend, Linos, approached him about joining their adventuring team, he agreed immediately.

  4. Jasali Selevarun: an insightful, elf cleric who has dedicated her life to serve the will of life and light. When her close friend, Z, told her of her quest to delve into a cursed tomb, Jasali insisted she come to help protect her. 

  5. Delg Bloodkiln: a tough, dwarf barbarian who has fought every day of his life and has the scars to prove it. When Errich approached him to join the adventure, he thought it sounded like great fun and would provide him enough coin to avoid working for a year - or at least a few months.

  6. Brakka Durral: a driven, half-orc fighter who can’t remember a time when a weapon didn’t feel like an extension of her own arm. Although a dedicated city guard, when Jasali approached her to join their group, the opportunity to test her mettle against new trials was too tempting.


Hunger Haunts the Night


Solve the mystery of what is causing multiple disappearances and chuckling in the dark. 

Players choose a pre-made character from any of the 12 core classes.

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